gig# is a talent sharing platform centered on communication

Based on its current location, it sells and purchases talents, values their talents through various promotions, and pursues the satisfaction of buyers and consumers through natural communication. In addition, we want to lead the global gig economy market by securing the reliability of talent transactions through blockchain technology and minimizing the burden of use through various rewards.
A new paradigm of talent sharing
gig# is a talent sharing platform centered on communication. Sell talents based on their current location, value their talents by purchasing them, and pursue the satisfaction of various users. We also want to provide more reliable and satisfactory information to buyers and sellers through reliable blockchain technology and lead the talent sharing platform market through various communication.
Location-based community talent sharing platform
With gig# Platform differentiation service, we build a regional-based social media that can communicate with each other by providing communities and high-quality diverse labor necessary to achieve various communal lives in the region, focusing on individuals and individuals' talent.
Communication-oriented talent sharing platform
The main purpose is to analyze needs that allow various users to purchase the product by creating and sharing various talent contents such as drawing, figure color, and production through multimedia technologies such as videos and photos.
Talent content registered by sales customers through analyzed user needs is commercialized through the gig# platform, and various users can make purchase reservations or request talent through the gig# platform.
Gig# serves as a shared platform for Win-Win by providing an optimal platform for trust between sellers and buyers through market value consulting, delivery, and product reliability of products through CS consulting, providing sellers with opportunities to purchase differentiated products.