WHAT IS gig#?

Brand Keyword


Gig Economy

gig# is a digital talent sharing platform centered on communication in an online environment.
Gig# wants to value users' talents and support communication to satisfy both buyers and consumers and lead the reliable global gig economy market.
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Location-based service.

gig# introduces location-based services to support users' talent sharing services in major regions.
We would like to revitalize the market economy of Soho merchants in the region and revitalize the local community by linking various talents and institutions.
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Token Payment

gig# introduces 4th cryptocurrency technology to increase the reliability of talent-sharing transactions between buyers and consumers and to reduce the burden of using the platform. It also presents a new paradigm that everyone can enjoy by contributing to the production of high-quality talent-related multimedia content based on various support promotions.
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Social Network

gig# is a talent sharing platform centered on communication.
Through social talent sharing service and location-based service, which are differentiated services unique to gig#, they naturally communicate various hobbies and specialties, etc. I would like to tell the story between people through talent, not just buying and selling talents by giving value through cryptocurrency technology.
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Eco System

Business Model


Target Problem Solution
Individual / Corporate / Small Business Owner

Economic recession (unstable)

Burden from rising labor costs.

Difficulty in deploying personnel due to irregularities or low allocation time

Simple and repetitive work

Freely deploy necessary time and labor

Small labor expenditure


A person who has a lot of break time

A person who has irregular work hours and behavioral radius restrictions and work restrictions

A person who doesn't have a job

Person who wants to do economic activities in the remaining time (Two Job)

Interest in financial techniques, part-time jobs, and digital nomads

Simple side job at any time or place you want

Continuous and efficient revenue generation


Social Media

The main purpose is to analyze needs that allow various users to purchase the product by creating and sharing various talent contents such as drawing, figure color, and production through multimedia technologies such as videos and photos

Talent content registered by sales customers through analyzed user needs is commercialized through the gig# platform, and various users can make purchase reservations or request talent through the gig# platform

Gig# serves as a shared platform for Win-Win by providing an optimal platform for trust between sellers and buyers through market value consulting, delivery, and product reliability of products through CS consulting, providing sellers with opportunities to purchase differentiated products.


Gig Economy(Digital labor platform)

gig# Platform differentiation service, we build a regional-based social media that can communicate with each other by providing communities and high-quality diverse labor necessary to achieve various communal lives in the region, focusing on individuals and individuals' talent.


Quick talent sharing service

It is a gig# platform differentiation service that realizes fast secondary profits in one's life path, such as finding goods and viewing the market during rush hour through ultra-simple real-time talent sharing